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the largest city in Switzerland



Burkliplatz is the departing point for boat cruises on the Zurich lake. The trips can be small or large from a duration perspective.

The short ones take up to 2 hours and cost 9.80 CHF. The longer ones make a full tour of the lake and can take several hours to complete.

Zurich See 1   Zurich See 2

There are also smaller boats available that go instead via Limmat towards the Landesmuseum end-point.

The ZSG shipyard employs about 80 permanent employees and during the main summer season an additional temporary workforce to sustain its additional operations.

Near the Burkliplatz piers one can find a floral "clock", a tram station and little shops with different post-cards and souvenirs.

Zurich Flower Clock 1   Zurich Flower Clock 2

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Country: Switzerland
City area: 87.88 km2

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